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We have seen enough exploitation on artist's hard work, especially to young tattoo artists

in traditional big tattoo parlour.

Gazelle Tattoo aimed to provide a clean, hygienic, stress free environment for artists to create and to explore their potentials.

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We have all supplies provided in studio, including:

・All disposable items

​・All cleaning and sterilising materials

・Tattoo Bed and Work Trolley

・Stencil printers



・WI-FI networks

・Precision lightings

・Aftercare Products

Our artists only have to take care of their own tattoo machines and needles.

Social Media Materials

We have been through the time when we struggle to have materials for social media if we work alone.

Our shop manager will help artists to take work in progress photos, video footages and help editing reels time to time for artist to build up their social media profile.

We also have stylish studio environment and lightings which make it easier for artists to take high quality work photos to build up a professional portfolio.

The mutual sharing of artists's works on our studio IG and among our artists' IG, help boosting the reach percentage and help reaching a wider clients profile.

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Stress-free System

We all have faced the exploitation and unfairness in the industry when we are still green. Hence, we want to provide a stress-free environment for artists.

We take only 20% from each work of artist with HKD10000 max for a month

・You have 100% control over your bookings and timetable

​・You have 100% freedom on socialising in studio (especially important for introverts, we understands :))


Please send us a Dm message to the IG account


We will review your portfolio on IG and send you our studio policy.

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