Our tattoo artists are trained to be a pro on turning your vision to reality, we are more than an artist but also a technician, who give you beautiful art idea also what is right for your body structure.

Each and every tattoo artists have their own artistic style and vision, therefore we strongly suggest out clients to choose their tattoo artist carefully to meet their own expectations.



Iris majored in fashion design in her bachelor degree. Upon graduation in 2012, she fell in love with the art of tattooing immediately when she first witnessed a tattoo process.

Iris starts up her own tattoo studio in 2016,

Gazelle Tattoo, based in Hong Kong.

Iris would love to explore and interact with different artists around the world.

Iris is always drawing and painting. She uses water-colour, acrylic,

calligraphy ink and markers mostly.

Her work shows her preference for calligraphy and a rather organic touch.

"Tattoos are more than a graphics on skin, they are living biography of a person,

a sketchbook of an artist."